Why are we, as a country so unhappy at work?

January 13, 2020 by lynnalgadio0

Lance Secret offers a startling fact: between 1997-2009, workplace dissatisfaction plummeted from 45% to 61%. It’s currently ~80%. 8 of 10 people dislike being at their job. And most report feeling uninspired. This is sad. I’ve personally been told by clients “I feel like a different person when I enter those walls – like I can’t be myself. I hate that.” Professionals want to feel inspired at work, just as in other areas of life. Why are we, as a country, so unhappy at work? Is it the culture, or our own states of being? Probably both. Our state of being informs everything we do each business day. When that is compromised, we lack inspiration, joy, intention. Two avenues beg exploration: 1. Employees – is it actually true that we ‘can’t be ourselves’, or simply a belief system we hold – false perceptions about the workspace? Have we tried being ourselves? Are we afraid? 2. Employers – many cultures operate out of fear, and therefore cannot inspire employees properly; it’s something leaders need consider. What systems and signals need correction? I believe these are significant work questions of our time. What do you see as solutions to either, or both? To learn more, please visit Lynn DelGaudio

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