Using Perspective To Remain Calm


“You’re pretty calm….. most people freak out – yell/scream or cry a little – I think I would too – but you seem calm. That’s great”….


… said the Geek Squad guy, after explaining that the hard drive failure was so bad, they couldn’t retrieve a single file.


I suppose I could have absolutely lost it; I mean my whole life was on that computer! Business files, old pictures, legal documents, personal stories, my screenplay, SO MUCH!!!!


But oddly, I felt relief, the experience felt refreshing to me; as if I’d just completed a healthy purge of data that somehow kept me attached to a past that really doesn’t even exist.


I knew that a complete loss was a possibility. As I waited for the tech to return, I had time to consider this, and other potentials.


“Well,” I thought, “this could be an interesting experiment: all those files, all that recorded history, those memories, all that ‘stuff’ – it no longer exists. I could whine and moan, OR view this as simply an experience; a kind of the fresh start of sorts, creating new files, new memories to store.”


This perspective felt freeing and empowering to let go of whatever existed in those files, like memories in the mind that fade over time.


A different perspective would have certainly caused me to react with anxiety, and my nervous system to go a little haywire. But viewing things as I did at that moment, my unique perspective created an entirely different experience.


At that moment, I was once again reminded that perspective is everything.


calm, perspective, possibility

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