During Coronavirus, Use Deliberate Healthy Thinking as Change Agent

Rather than experiencing thoughts as byproducts, we can use deliberate healthy thinking as an active agent for change.

Quantum physics acknowledges consciousness’ role in the creation of our life experiences; that through our minds, we create reality.

Thoughts can’t change external reality – they’re in our heads, right?

Not exactly.

Unlike electroencephalographs that read brain function w/wires attached to the head, the probe used in magnetoencephalographs do NOT touch the head, so, internal brain activity is measured outside the head.


Thoughts aren’t confined to our heads – they are broadcast out to the world. And, the more individuals share a thought, the more power the vibration of that thought/belief has. That amplification from the individual to collective – determines how the world evolves.

Satellites recording earth’s electromagnetic field demonstrate how the earths field changes from ‘normal’ to united calmness, where people are collectively, actively involved in a similar thought process or belief (Example; day after 9/11).

Our planet is experiencing upheaval, chaos, fear. Our future: unknown.

To ensure the thriving future reality we desire, we must, individually & collectively, attune our thinking – away from fear, toward health/harmony.

I get to witness the change daily in my work. By attuning and refining their thinking, and practicing deliberate, intentional thinking, my clients experience transformation, increased confidence, productivity, creativity and happiness.

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