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What do you think of the story that is unfolding all around us? Do you see a cautionary tale? A profound historic saga? A fable, conveying a moral? A myth? An empowering allegory? Is it uplifting? Fear producing? Surreal? Or just neutral?

How we choose to define and make meaning of the novel world around us will inform how we move forward. And, the best decisions are made in a place of clarity and calm, not fear and stress. 

Unfortunately, in this COVID19 era, the use of fear, uncertainty and doubt in the media is far more dangerous than the virus itself. I am not minimizing the potential harm this virus can do, especially to those who are elderly or have other underlying health issues. What I AM saying though, is that there is no greater virus than FEAR. In addition, the economic impact and financial devastation will cause far more collateral damage than the virus itself. That will create additional stress, fear, uncertainty, and doubt – all of which result in a reduced immune function, in a time when it is critical that we IMPROVE our immunity.

So, the best thing we can do during this time is to take control: of our health, and of our thinking. 

What do you think of the story that is unfolding all around us? Pay attention to your response to that question: does it create stress for you? What does it stir? It is critical to understand how fear plays a role and what we can do about it because in a state of fear, we can neither heal well nor think clearly. And if we cannot think clearly, we cannot make the best decisions about our current state or our future vision.

In this year, 2020, do we want to see clearly what our new vision is and take – individually and collectively – inspired action toward that vision? Or, will we wait, sans action, and look back, in a year, two, or more, with 2020 hindsight of the opportunities that were missed?

Whatever we choose, we need to learn from our choices and act accordingly.

Our story is being written, but we are the authors, and we choose how this unfolds. 

Be cognizant of your stress level, and, implement practices for boosting and supporting your immune system.

For more information about a variety of ways you can support your own immune system, please go to www.immunityblueprints.com




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