The vast majority of the people I asked said they were trending sideways

January 13, 2020 by lynnalgadio0

In my prior work, I analyzed spreadsheets that combined data points to give way to one piece of digestible information: the TREND. Is it up, down, or sideways? Staring at these reports routinely, I began to see my life as a series of complicated analyses to derive, essentially, the same Q: how am I trending? I included all aspects of my life: health, self-worth, experiences, joy, relationships, career, finances- to create the trend: up, down, or sideways.  As all things are inter-influential, I saw how these individual aspects impacted the whole. The vast majority of people I asked about this said they were trending sideways—THAT was interesting to me.  If we don’t review the factors underlying our own trend, we can’t begin to shift our trend upward. However, when each of us is trending upward, collectively, we are exponentially better as a community, organization and culture. For myself, and maybe also for you, I’ve learned that asking the hard questions about what I want, and creating a strong mindset toward prioritizing the development of those areas, gives me control over the trend. How are you trending? I’d love to see your comments

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