In the 80’s I had a very bad relationship with the concept of “power”. Power seemed always to be ‘power over’. I had some, but not a robust concept of ‘power within’. So, I rejected all ‘power’ and in doing so, I gave my power away.


I’ll never make that mistake again. It’s far too easy to give our individual power away… to others, to government, to whatever…


We are powerful beings,┬ácomprised of, in part/on average, 50 trillion cells, each with .07 volts of electricity. That’s 3.5 trillion volts of electrical potential!!!


How do we choose to channel this energy?


Toward healing? Creativity? Resiliency? Intuition? Something positive or negative?


We are NOT wired to live in fear, nor to be made reliant on external technology (though there’s some great tech out there) to keep us safe and gain empowerment.


We are the only life form that can CHOOSE to create resilience, CHOOSE to control our immune system, CHOOSE to access our intuition, etc.


Thought, feelings, emotions, behaviors, moods, temperaments, personality traits will define/differentiate between the external strength & power within from the soul.


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