I have learned much from Lynn, both in person and through her writing and videos. I have always known that mindfulness practices have a profoundly transformative effect, but Lynn takes it one step further by helping individuals find their own power to push through the barriers of limiting thoughts and beliefs. Her strategies are soundly ground in neuroscience and her own experience of recovery from TBI (she is a coach who has walked the walk); Her book, “Altered in Impact” sits on my office desk and I often find myself referring to her work while assisting individuals who aspire to make lifestyle changes. The tools she offers are very powerful, yet very simple. Her video on “What were you thinking?” is one that has inspired me to show up for my life every day with intention and purpose, simply by choosing my thoughts. The fact that she is a kind, caring and compassionate individual is a bonus! I highly recommend her book, videos, and coaching services.


Health and Nutrition Coach, Author




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