What are you thinking? What we think shapes who we are! – This is great for entrepreneurs feeling stuck, sales teams, or general overcoming of issues

  • *gain awareness of self sabotaging thoughts and patterns that are counter to productivity, satisfaction, goal achievement

  • *learn about the origin and nature of these un-serving systems

  • *learn practical tools and exercises for quickly shifting these limiting patterns to empowering, for lasting change. These can be implemented immediately

5 Pillars for a magnificent mindset – This is great for mid- to senior level leaders/managers – this applies to our personal and business lives

  • *Awareness/curiosity – actively practicing awareness and non-judgment to objectively identify about flaws in current mindset

  • *Active, aggressive problem solving – why this default mode is important

  • *Resourcefulness/adaptability – our ability to innovate is critical and necessary
    *Being humble – the importance of the human side and authenticity
    *Effective communication at all levels, with wide range of people/perspectives is key

    5 Imperatives for Impactful change – creating a winning culture and optimal performance in biz and life – great for senior leaders

  • *Awareness/observation of the current state is always the first step in making change

  • *Learning & repetition – this rewires our circuitry – literally

  • *Aligning emotions with intentions – so important in changing the story

  • *Appreciation – gets us out of victim mode and into possibility mode

  • *Commitment/discipline – This is critical – without it, the mind will revert back to old ways

  • *Practical exercises for putting the imperatives in action so see immediate shifts!

  • 4 Pillars to successful outcomes/cultures – great for sales teams, lenders, entrepreneurs, etc. Applies to personal and professional lives

  • *Teamwork is key!

  • *Keep it simple!

  • *Prioritize and execute; react v respond

  • *Decentralize command w/credibility

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