John W - Cary NC

I was honestly skeptical at first, but that was part of what was getting in my way!  I had never heard of 'limiting beliefs' before, but I had a bunch that were getting in my way.  Once Lynn was able to coach me through, it seemed like so many doors started to open for me!  This is eye-opening stuff! 

Dr. Michael Fleischer ( - on Altered on Impact

What we perceive as reality often manifests as reality! In Altered on Impact, Lynn DelGaudio expertly reveals the impact of how tightly held belief systems can alter our perception of reality. DelGaudio's shared insights and roadmap for self-design will help all those who seek higher ground and more willful purpose in life. Those who choose to grow beyond their original DNA will recognize self as different from past programming or experience. DelGaudio suggests that to manifest a greater sense of wellbeing, a mindset metamorphosis is not only required but the inevitable outcome of an intentional process. 

"Pooja" - on Altered on Impact

This book has been a page turner for me! Finished it in a day! What an inspiring journey! Lynn Delgaudio does a wonderful job of drawing us into not only her pain and struggles but to her triumphs and strategies as well! Her advice for those of us struggling to get “unstuck” emotionally is very relatable (she does not just talk the talk but has walked the walk) which is what makes this book so different from any self-help book. I love this book and there so many nuggets of wisdom, so have your highlighter ready! I wish to see more from this author.