I was naively hopeful, when this ‘pandemic’ hit, that this time, THIS time, people would unite. This time,
we would surely come together, because THIS time is different! If ever in our world’s history there’s
been a time for unity, it’s NOW. So, clearly, we will now unite!

Yet, I see people being divided, creating further division, reacting w/cruelty and spiteful threats if
someone’s view on what’s happening differs from their own, viciously spewing foul language if someone
is, or isn’t, wearing a mask.

Dream with me – just for a moment – that one future day we wake to the news that it was all an awful
mistake – not at all what it seemed; nor what was portrayed. Actual adjusted mortality rates were found
quite low, emergency pandemic label no longer appropriate, and, the vaccine – well, just, not necessary.
How, in this dream, would we respond to the news? And, reflecting on current behavior, would we be
proud, in that future moment, about how we are reacting today, toward each other? ourselves?

Daydream aside, my naïve dream remains: a collective being, deliberately in higher frequencies of love
& kindness, not fear.

Won’t you come dream with me please?


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