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What Were You Thinking?
We pay so much attention to our physical form, comfort, appearance, etc., but how often do we think about what we’re thinking about? Learn about the ABCs of Mind Redesign. When we empower our thinking, we empower ourselves

About Lynn

I’m Lynn DelGaudio, and I am an Integrative Health & Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author. I believe in the brilliant ability of the mind to catapult us into amazing places in our lives. I experienced this first hand after a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury in 2014. During the healing process, it became clear that my mind would need a full redesign if my body were to heal. I knew this attention to my thoughts was of paramount importance, but I had NO idea just how powerful and life altering it would be! My mind redesign became the catalyst for not only my healing, but also toward incredibly purposeful and passionate living. I now coach others so that they too may experience similar transformation. Whether you’re an entrepreneur feeling stuck, a busy professional who wants balance or a more creative and fulfilling experience, or an employer who wishes the same for your team, I have the tools to get you back on track, regain your balance and mojo, and create a more vibrant, inspired, productive, and empowered environment and life.

My Approach​

In my workshops and sessions, I help clients re-connect with the leader and creator within so that they live in, and from an inspired state of mind, and become the very best version of their authentic self. I offer simple tools that help clients redesign their minds to create remarkable effects in their organizations and their lives. Clients learn how to increase awareness of thoughts and patterns that are un-serving, and replace them with new thoughts and patterns. My clients feel energized knowing they are equipped with a road map, a sound plan moving forward in a meaningful, positive and lasting manner.

Upcoming Events



Through active coaching sessions, I provide you, the client, with the tools and methods you need to achieve sustainable goals. 3, 6 and 12-month packages available.

Mind Redesign Program

Through my six-step mind redesign program, take a deep dive into the subconscious where habits reside. Learn how to literally redesign your mind for the ultimate transformative process. 3 and 6 month programs available.

Speaking Events

One hour keynote events include an engaging talk and group challenge. I can customize to your specific needs.

I offer 15 & 30 minute talks and lunch & learns on a variety of topics. Perfect for a lunch hour with a short talk followed by discussion.


I offer half and full-day workshops that include a one-hour keynote speech, followed by discussion and activities. Full-day workshops also include additional group break out sessions and case studies. On and off-site workshops available.

Book Events

Include my book in your book club’s rotation and I will come speak to the group and offer book signings.

Why LD?​

The simple yet powerful tools I offer will provide lasting positive changes in your career, your bottom line, your life experience. I know, because I’ve lived the experience. My passion and purpose is now to help others connect with the creator within and achieve their fullest potential. Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success based on your specific goals. Contact me for a free discovery session. I look forward to working with you!


Working with Lynn gave my firsthand access to learn how to redesign and reorient my mind - how to think and what to think to be more of a director in how I want my life to unfold. The fact that she herself redesigned her brain in order to survive and thrive after a tragic brain accident had a powerful influence and belief that I could do it too.
Who knew you could make your thoughts and feelings a reality. Lynn made me a believer - a believer that I can control how my life unfolds through how I think, what I believe and what I feel. She helped me uncover the hard wiring I held close and the what if's and how to's to facilitate how you want things to be. The how to's are an important ingredient to all this. I practiced specific exercises that Lynn provided - the more I did them, the more my brain and energy internalized the feelings and thoughts I wanted to manifest.
I put this to the test while in a tennis match, as I was frustrated that I was losing match-deciding tiebreaks. I envisioned winning - that I'd already won and what it feels and looks like to win. This was a big difference, and I actually broke my losing tie-break streak. It was the coolest thing when I created my reality in my mind and felt it in my body that it manifested in real life.
It was a true revelation that when I made myself feel my thoughts and desires that a new level to creating tangible changes would manifest in how I dealt with all aspects of life.
Many thanks to Lynn for listening, sharing, enlightening.


Joyce Strong

Thank you for sharing Lynn DelGaudio! 

You are amazing. I am recommending your book, Altered on Impact, to all of my clients. Your IMPACT IMPERATIVES are spot-on for anyone who wants to make lifestyle changes. Your book is absolutely brilliant!

Podcaster | Global Health Coach | Speaker

Paul Ward

Inspiring, educational, transformational! In her book. Altered on Impact, Lynn DelGuadio has not only narrated a wonderful story of perseverance in the face of adversity, she has provided valuable practices and tools for overcoming then obstacles we all face at some time in our lives. Whatever from your traumatic events are taking, reading this book will be an inspiration to be persistent and never give up on your dreams, 





Paul Ward
Leadership Coach & Strategy Execution Consultant, Executive Roundtable Host, Author, Entrepreneur


This book has been a page turner for me! Finished it in a day! What an inspiring journey! Lynn Delgaudio does a wonderful job of drawing us into not only her pain and struggles but to her triumphs and strategies as well! Her advice for those of us struggling to get “unstuck” emotionally is very relatable (she does not just talk the talk but has walked the walk) which is what makes this book so different from any self-help book. I love this book and there so many nuggets of wisdom, so have your highlighter ready! I wish to see more from this author.


LOVED your book!!! WOW!!! Truly inspiring. Have so much respect and admiration for how you battled through everything. Also, I love the tools/exercises you included. It's nice to not only read an inspiring story, but to also walk away with specific tools you can use to transform your own life. Awesome stuff!!!



I felt as if you were writing my own story! When I read your book, a good feeling washed over me. Thank you for sharing your story!



Your mind redesign program and your book have changed my life in so many ways! This is really powerful stuff! I have told everyone I can about it.


Dr. Michael Fleischer (NewPathNutrition.com)

What we perceive as reality often manifests as reality! In Altered on Impact, Lynn DelGaudio expertly reveals the impact of how tightly held belief systems can alter our perception of reality. DelGaudio's shared insights and roadmap for self-design will help all those who seek higher ground and more willful purpose in life. Those who choose to grow beyond their original DNA will recognize self as different from past programming or experience. DelGaudio suggests that to manifest a greater sense of wellbeing, a mindset metamorphosis is not only required but the inevitable outcome of an intentional process.

Dr. Michael Fleischer (NewPathNutrition.com)

John W

I was honestly skeptical at first, but that was part of what was getting in my way! I had never heard of 'limiting beliefs' before, but I had a bunch that was getting in my way. Once Lynn was able to coach me through, it seemed like so many doors started to open for me! This is eye-opening stuff!

John W


By Lynn DelGaudio

This book is for you if you are looking for inspiration to change your thinking, you’ve suffered some sort of injury or set back, or you simply want to create abundance and opportunity, and live a more purposeful life.

Buy it here: Altered on Impact

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  • lynnalgadio
    Upon publishing my book about how I overcame severe physical pain and deeply impaired cognition after a massive injury, a reporter asked me if it bothers me that I’m not an ‘expert.’ I wasn’t a psychologist, neurologist, or doctor, so who was I to speak with any authority about what had happened to me? Funny thing is, the ‘experts’ had missed a lot of what was happening with me. It was really only a deep
  • lynnalgadio
    Stress was worn like a badge of honor at the large accounting firm where I worked years ago. For us worker bees, the more stress we endured, the greater superhero we were. In this culture, a 40-hour work week was unheard of (and truly shameful). We typically worked 70 hours/week; sometimes 80-100. Over time, this pattern completely depleted me of energy to the point of concern. I began considering my own energy story in terms
  • lynnalgadio
    For those making a career transition, the OODA loop is your guide to turning your dream into a reality. In simple terms, the OODA loop is the decision-making cycle of: Observe, Orient, Decide & Act, developed by USAF Colonel and military strategist, John Boyd. Designed for military purposes, it is highly effective for individuals navigating challenging environments, like a career change or entrepreneurship. It is critical to first OBSERVE and gather as much data as
  • lynnalgadio
    Negative thoughts can derail us by 9am! When we wake each day thinking “I don’t want to go to work” then check social media, comparing others’ posts and lives to our own (“another vacation Tina, really!? Ugh…”)’, turn on the TV to see the latest breaking news tragedy (“this world is scary!”), stock market volatility (“Gosh! I’m losing all my $$!), then go out into morning rush traffic, fuming, as someone cuts us off while
  • lynnalgadio
    As a coach, I’m aware that, in human beings, poor thinking=poor internal signaling=poor health. Negative thinking creates certain chemical reactions in the body, and a corresponding feeling. A message is then sent back to the brain, which senses tension in the body, and responds with more stress chemicals. Redundant negative signaling is dangerous: it can threaten our overall health and internal culture. But what of the signaling in an organization? If I look back over

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