Mind Redesign Program

Get Unstuck & Powered Up!

This is not your typical mindset program.

In my free ebook, 6 Steps to Getting Unstuck & Powered Up In Biz & Life, I covered a lot about mindstyle, but, I only really skimmed the surface on this topic. In fact, there is so much more to uncover and experience that I've created a transformational program that addresses all of it! In this unique program, I will walk you through, step by step, week by week, with structure, support and coaching all the way through.

“Mind Redesign – Get Unstuck & Powered Up!”is a 6-week group program, complete with weekly coaching with me, email support, practical & actionable tools & exercises, and other resources along the way to help you reach your goals. 

Now, it’s one thing to say you’re going to put certain strategies into action, achieve your goals, rock that New Years resolution, etc. But it’s quite another to actually try – and continue trying – to do it until you reach the goal line without getting derailed. But it happens. You get tripped up on little things: maybe you find you’re having a hard time feeling gratitude when so many things have gone wrong, or maybe you just feel like you can skip a day (which turns into a week). 

Even equipped with the greatest knowledge and will in the world, you can’t seem to put what you know into practice enough to make the changes you need in your biz and your life? No problem!

In this program, I will guide you through the process of getting past those harmful habits that are keeping you from achieving your goals. This program will help you to connect with your authentic self, and the power within, and will give you and your biz a complete mindset makeover. It will help you discard what’s been hurting you – and shift to what will help you regain your mojo and experience more joy, more purpose, and less stress – with a minimal amount of difficulty. Simply, it will provide you the tools to get unstuck and feel powered up!

Ever wonder ‘what happened to my New Year’s resolution’ or ‘why am I not getting closer to my goal?’ or 'What happened?' Well, what happened is what usually happens: you give up. It happens to all of us. The mind plays tricks on us – especially when it senses change is coming – and we fall into our old patterns and habits. This program will help you stay on track and achieve your goals!

"I am pleased to say that I have just completed my first coaching program with Lynn. No words can express my gratitude. Lynn is very intuitive and revealed strengths that I was not utilizing.I now feel that I can move more easily to achieve my goals. I highly recommend Lynn to provide clarity and direction to you."

sherry - program graduate

"I was honestly skeptical at first, but that was part of what was getting in my way! I had never heard of 'limiting beliefs' before, but I had a bunch that was getting in my way. Once Lynn was able to coach me through, it seemed like so many doors started to open for me! This is eye-opening stuff!"

John - program graduate

If You Are Ready To
Learn How To...

  • Get past self-defeating habits you’ve never been able to get past before
  • Make a commitment to changing what isn’t working for you – and this time, really finding what does
  • Build more emotional energy (and physical energy if you want it, too!)
  • Do more with your business while taking
  • Understand Newtonian vs. Quantum in terms of transformation/goal achievement
  • Turn possibility thinking into actual reality
  • Use the energy of words effectively
  • Be the Butterfly - the magic of the natural metamorphosis
  • Shift your mindset in a moment!
  • Focus in on your vision - even if you don’t know what that is
  • Become more productive and energized
  • Return to yourself, your purpose and peace

Sign up now for my 6-week Mind Redesign - Get Unstuck and Powered Up program! Accepting 20 participants by April 30th, 2021.

Your Investment = $495

The program begins May 17th, 2021. To save 20%, please use coupon code PURPOSE2021!

What You'll Receive:

  • Coaching with me each week
  • Email access for additional support in between our calls and sessions
  • 1:1 coaching call midway for more personalized check-ins
  • Free copy of my book, Altered on Impact - From Trauma to Transformation; how a traumatic brain injury taught me to lead a purposeful life
  • Other resources (handouts, etc.) to aide in your mindstyle habits

"I have learned much from Lynn, both in person and through her writing and videos. I have always known that mindfulness practices have a profoundly transformative effect, but Lynn takes it one step further by helping individuals find their own power to push through the barriers of limiting thoughts and beliefs. Her strategies are soundly ground in neuroscience and her own experience of recovery from TBI (she is a coach who has walked the walk); Her book, “Altered in Impact” sits on my office desk and I often find myself referring to her work while assisting individuals who aspire to make lifestyle changes. The tools she offers are very powerful, yet very simple. Her video on “What were you thinking?” is one that has inspired me to show up for my life every day with intention and purpose, simply by choosing my thoughts. The fact that she is a kind, caring and compassionate individual is a bonus! I highly recommend her book, videos, and coaching services."

Pooja - program graduate

"Working with Lynn gave my firsthand access to learn how to redesign and reorient my mind – how to think and what to think to be more of a director in how I want my life to unfold. The fact that she herself redesigned her brain in order to survive and thrive after a tragic brain accident had a powerful influence and belief that I could do it too.
Who knew you could make your thoughts and feelings a reality. Lynn made me a believer – a believer that I can control how my life unfolds through how I think, what I believe and what I feel. She helped me uncover the hard wiring I held close and the what if’s and how to’s to facilitate how you want things to be. The how to’s are an important ingredient to all this. I practiced specific exercises that Lynn provided – the more I did them, the more my brain and energy internalized the feelings and thoughts I wanted to manifest. I put this to the test while in a tennis match, as I was frustrated that I was losing match-deciding tiebreaks. I envisioned winning – that I’d already won and what it feels and looks like to win. This was a big difference, and I actually broke my losing tie-break streak. It was the coolest thing when I created my reality in my mind and felt it in my body that it manifested in real life. It was a true revelation that when I made myself
feel my thoughts and desires that a new level to creating tangible changes would manifest in how I dealt with all aspects of life. Many thanks to Lynn for listening, sharing, enlightening."

Karen - program graduate

Will you be joining me and 19 other participants in Mind Redesign?