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January 13, 2020 by lynnalgadio0

For those making a career transition, the OODA loop is your guide to turning your dream into a reality. In simple terms, the OODA loop is the decision-making cycle of: Observe, Orient, Decide & Act, developed by USAF Colonel and military strategist, John Boyd. Designed for military purposes, it is highly effective for individuals navigating challenging environments, like a career change or entrepreneurship. It is critical to first OBSERVE and gather as much data as possible: observe your strengths/weaknesses, goals, current situation, holes in your plan, assets to build upon. Observations re: messaging, content, presence, etc. won’t always be positive, but WILL be informative. ORIENT yourself – make unbiased sense of the data. What needs to happen to achieve your desired outcome? DECIDE upon the best strategy(ies) based on the observation and orientation stages. Will it be necessary to outsource your weaknesses, or, will you learn to handle them (content creation, brand strategy, etc.)? Finally, **ACT** on the decided strategy(ies). This is critical! When we move successfully through preparation but fail to take action, we fail to see dreams become reality. For more on making dreams reality visit @lynndelgaudio

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