Life can change in an instant ā€“

Anyone who has ever had a traumatic injury knows this.

In a nano-second, nothing is the same, nor ever will be.

In 2014, my career and life as I knew it ceased, was suspended, discontinued for some time.

Living alone through a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury was a challenge, but a blessing in disguise, as I formed a deeper connection with my true self, my spirit, and my purpose.

My injury altered me in three ways: cognitively, structurally, and spiritually. More importantly, my injury healed me in ALL THREE of these areas, and more.

Iā€™m so blessed ā€“ I know this. For me, my healing was nothing short of divine.

But learning a few years later that the strategies I intuitively developed in my healing were based on science, well, I became a warrior.

Mission: to inspire through my own traumatic and transformative experience.

Objective: to raise awareness of the power within, via the communication system of brain/body/mind, whether one has sustained a traumatic injury, or just feels stuck in life.

Means: through strategies I learned in my healing that created the framework for my coaching.

Tools: simple, practical, and effective exercises and the Six Impact Imperatives that are requisite for sustainable change.

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