Improve Your Health At The Beach!



Want to getaway? Reduce stress? Improve your mood? Think more clearly? Boost your immune system? Support Heart health? Improve sleep?


You can accomplish all of these in one easy and fun step: Go to the beach and soak in some negative air ions!


These ions – electrically charged molecules in the air or atmosphere – are found in lots of places, including the following:
· UV light (sunlight)
· Crashing of waves
· Claps of thunder
· Rapidly moving water
· Ocean tides


Beaches and oceans have a lot of these, and thus, negative ions are in much higher density in these places, due to the electromagnetic radiation and mechanical energies associated with these activities.


Some benefits of negative air ions include:

· Reduced symptoms of depression & seasonal affect disorder
· Improved metabolism of fats & carbs
· Improved ability to kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, viruses
· Improved circulation
· Better sleep
· Improved cognition/neural function


Can’t get to the beach? No problem:

· Find a water fountain at an outdoor shopping area or park
· Rivers, creeks, or waterfalls are a great option
· Breathe deeply! Deep breathing uses natural energy to support the movement of air, creating negative ions naturally


So, go on! Get your negative ions and improve your overall health and well-being!!!


How will you get yours?


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