If you’ve discounnected from your own power, trust in your deepest intuition to reclaim it

January 13, 2020 by lynnalgadio0

Upon publishing my book about how I overcame severe physical pain and deeply impaired cognition after a massive injury, a reporter asked me if it bothers me that I’m not an ‘expert.’ I wasn’t a psychologist, neurologist, or doctor, so who was I to speak with any authority about what had happened to me? Funny thing is, the ‘experts’ had missed a lot of what was happening with me. It was really only a deep connection with my own intuition that, literally, kept me alive. I responded to the reporter “I am an expert – in my own experience, and that’s what I’m writing about.” My injury taught me how to reclaim my own power. Many of my clients want the same. But they also fear it and wonder how to reconnect. As children, we tend to internalize that responses from the world (parents, teachers, etc.) are more important than how we interpret our own experience. This view leads us to doubt ourselves and lose trust in our own power. If you’ve disconnected with your power, trust in your deepest intuition to reclaim it. Visit Lynn Delgaudio for more information about how I approach this work.

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