If most of the 70,000 to 80,000 (mainly negative) thoughts per day reside in our subconscious, how on earth do we become aware of them?

Here are three simple ways to identify un-serving thoughts:

1. Somatic responses: If you find yourself experiencing a stress response in the body – tightness in the throat or chest or maybe your shoulders are up in your ears – chances are there is some misaligned thinking going on. Stop and ask what’s on your mind.

2. Emotions: Your emotions are great indicators of the quality of your thinking. If you are having a great day, and suddenly – out of nowhere – you’re sad or anxious, check in: what were you just thinking?

3. Meditation: The Tibetan word for meditation is Gom or Ghom, which means ‘to become familiar with your mind.’ Meditation allows us to gain awareness and become familiar with our thoughts, and our true selves.


Gaining awareness of un-serving thoughts can be done by active practice and still meditation. The more we can become familiar with, gain awareness of, embrace and befriend all aspects of who we are, the more empowering and transformative the experience will be.


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