“I feel like I’m going through the motions, and not really living.”

How many of us have heard this from a client OR have even said it ourselves?

Maybe you’re juggling an 80-hour workweek and family or are going through a loss. Maybe you’ve just been consuming too much news and social media, and you’re in a bit of a chronic fog.

If you hear yourself saying or thinking this statement, consider that sometimes going through the motions IS part of the living experience.

We are, at every point in our lives, somewhere along the wide spectrum of both physical and mental wellness.

Right now, many of us are struggling to stay on the positive end of the mental wellness spectrum – myself included! YES, me too!

PLEASE check in with yourself DAILY – in fact, NUMEROUS times each day.

What is your body telling you? What are your emotions telling you?

Where along the spectrum are you?

And remember, going through the motions is not necessarily a bad thing; it could be exactly what you need right now for a bit.


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