Awareness is a critical initial step (and ongoing process) for the mind redesign program. Numerous methods for gaining awareness and observing un-serving thoughts and patterns are explored in the program.

Continued Learning
When we learn new things, new connections and neurons are formed in the brain. As new thoughts & patterns are learned, these neural pathways strengthen, and the old weaken ('plasticity')

When we are in a state of appreciation, we are in the ultimate state of receiving. When your brain is engaged in appreciation thinking, there is less room for negative stimuli, and far more room for creative problem solving and possibility thinking.

Heightened Emotions
When we combine an intention with a corresponding emotion, the body begins to experience the vision that is being created in the mind, even if it is not yet manifest. When this happens, great change has already begun.

Repetition allows us to learn and convey what we have learned to others. Through repetition, our new desired thoughts and patterns become automatic.

Discipline is not a dirty word! It is simply the act of loving yourself enough to commit to a practice that will bring full transformation.