Experiancing joy is an Option-Even in the Most Challenging of Times

January 13, 2020 by lynnalgadio0

Obstacles do not block the path. They are the path. – Zen Proverb Many, in tough times, can recognize a sensation I once had, while listening to birds sing on the other side of my window: Beautiful, but in someone else’s spring. When dealing with illness, injury, or other challenging circumstances, we may feel as if joy is ‘out there’ beyond the windowpane, unattainable. We all face challenging circumstances in life, but circumstances don’t dictate how we experience life, WE DO. My own secret, for overcoming both serious illness and injury: Never let myself be victim for too long, and always take care of my mental health. We forget, too often, the obvious: our bodies believe everything we tell it. Staring out the window that day, it struck me: joy was not absent at all. I was. I was holding myself back from experiencing joy. Experiencing joy is – even in the most challenging of times – an option; our choice. One of the biggest limiting beliefs regarding our life challenges, I’ve found, is that when dealing with something serious, there must be much suffering. I help clients break through this, and other barriers like it. To learn more, please visit @lynndelgaudio

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