one on one health & mindset coaching

What can you expect?


After taking a brief haitus, I am happy to announce that I am once again taking on new clients!!!

What will you get out of my coaching programs? In exchange for your work, how about emotional, physical, spiritual and even financial benefits in return? Not bad, right?

Contact me about my 3-month program and a free discovery session.

Life is stressful! Work is stressful!  I GET IT! Having been an executive in corporate America most of my career, I am keenly aware of the competing demands. It can be difficult - seemingly impossible - to find any balance. But it is possible! Stress is an epidemic in our culture and it has serious consequences! Research suggests that 60% to 70% of us are in a chronic, elevated state of stress. Our bodies were absolutely NOT made for this and we are paying the consequences. Chronic stress at best, can leave us feeling exhausted, unfulfilled, anxious, unproductive, deflated. But prolonged stress also leads to a suppressed immune system and a host of potentially serious health conditions and diseases.

Do you want to find some balance? Feel more satisfied? Productive? Robust? Empowered? Alive? Have you tried on your own and it hasn't worked? Are you motivated and ready, but just need a pro to help you get there? I'm the coach for you. I have a proven road map for success. I work best with you because I WAS you! 

I do my best with clients just like you! My client success stories reflect my ability to, time after time, help clients improve  their mindset and health to achieve a higher level of life satisfaction. My specialized education and training, as well as my first hand experience and transformation allows me to provide you, the client, with the tools and methods you need to  achieve your goals.  My coaching begins with  a comprehensive health and mindset discovery session to co-identify goals and a path to success.