Our cells have the potential to generate & retain great healing light & energy. Individual health depends on the health of our cells, as well as the choices we make to provide our cells requisite (food & non-food) nutrients to promote health and healing.

It’s a bi-directional relationship: the health of the body depends on the health of the cells, and the health of the cells depends on the health of the body.

The healthier the system, the greater the resilience, the potential for healing, and the ability to impact the health of others.

Optimally functioning cells promote better health, emotional balance, and intra-cellular communication.

But the more depleted and stressed, the tougher it will be to heal and achieve health.

We are currently embarking on a time of significant need for health & healing. Each of us as an individual is integral to and responsible for, the health of the greater collective, global community.

Just as cells exist within us, we represent the cells of the planet, and so on.

How do we promote health as humans, and as ‘cells’?

Be love. Share your light. Connect with supportive people. Get sunlight. Sleep. Eat well. De-Stress!

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