Circumstances don’t drive happiness

January 13, 2020 by lynnalgadio0

After months of being dissatisfied with my career, stressed to the point of being ill, there was a drastic enough (positive, sustained) change in me that my boss pulled me aside, seeking an explanation — was I looking for a new job? “No, why?” “You just seem so happy.” “I am.” “Even with all the changes David’s making?” “My happiness isn’t conditional upon the strategic decisions the CEO makes.” Hearing myself state those words felt akin to a victory. The job hadn’t changed at all. The things that drove me crazy three months earlier (the looming merger, unrealistic deadlines, a coworker taking credit for my ideas) existed just as they had previously. Yet suddenly, I was loving my job – without any stress! It was as if I took a love pill: my reality had not changed one bit, but my response to reality did. As a result, I was more productive, more engaged, and more satisfied in the same role I always had. The love pill, it seemed, was nothing more than changing the story I was telling myself about those circumstances, focusing on the positive aspects of both my role, and of me in it. Changing the story changed everything. To learn more about this approach, please visit my profile.

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