Change your thinking by changing your environment

February 14, 2020 by lynnalgadio0

Mom taught me a very early – unique – lesson about shifting negative thinking: I was ~7 years old – my mood, as gray as the day. “Get your raincoat! We’re going for a ride!” Her orders elated me! Mom was gonna cheer me up!!! I jumped in the back seat of the car with anticipation. Were we going to a park? A museum? Turning off the main New England road, onto a smaller, country road adorned w/farmhouses, & trees boasting their bold autumnal colors, we’d finally arrived at our destination! Wait… What? A graveyard? Exiting the car, mom waved me over to a gravestone. “C’mere – see what it says!” She read out loud: “I used to be, but am no more, at least in body mold. But shine do I and always will; at least that’s what I’m told.” I read along, curious about the departed. Wait… What? Just? Happened? In changing my environment & focus of attention, I’d completely forgotten about my bad mood; shifting from sad to hopeful, fun, curious. A bizarre approach, Mom, but effective. I now help clients move BEYOND their thoughts, fears, environments, limitations – but, sans dead people. :o) To learn more, visit


Lynn DelGaudio

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