Misunderstandings will happen, but left unchecked, can be the root of unnecessary emil….I mean, evil.
As a very young girl hearing the Lord’s prayer, Mom thought the Lord himself was rendering a strong
warning about her neighbor, Emil, and possibly anyone else of the same name. “Lead us not into
temptation but deliver us from EMIL…”
This single consonant mis-hear instilled in her a fear of Emil, and made her question her safety in the
world, until someone showed her the erroneous interpretation of what she THOUGHT she heard.
In fact, Emil was not at all evil, but a rather excellent person, as the name’s meaning suggests.
The real evil, in this case, was mom’s faulty belief about him, based on a false interpretation.
But this is often how it happens. Negative beliefs form from misunderstandings & faulty interpretations.
Thankfully, the error in mom’s thinking was corrected fairly quickly, but that’s not always the case.
Misunderstandings/misinterpretations, can cause unnecessary harm in the workplace & our personal
Things aren’t always what they seem.
What we hear isn’t always what was said.
Our truth is not, necessarily, the ultimate truth.
Fact check. Reality test. Challenge beliefs.


Mom taught me a very early – unique – lesson about shifting negative thinking: I was ~7 years old – my mood, as gray as the day. “Get your raincoat! We’re going for a ride!” Her orders elated me! Mom was gonna cheer me up!!! I jumped in the back seat of the car with anticipation. Were we going to a park? A museum? Turning off the main New England road, onto a smaller, country road adorned w/farmhouses, & trees boasting their bold autumnal colors, we’d finally arrived at our destination! Wait… What? A graveyard? Exiting the car, mom waved me over to a gravestone. “C’mere – see what it says!” She read out loud: “I used to be, but am no more, at least in body mold. But shine do I and always will; at least that’s what I’m told.” I read along, curious about the departed. Wait… What? Just? Happened? In changing my environment & focus of attention, I’d completely forgotten about my bad mood; shifting from sad to hopeful, fun, curious. A bizarre approach, Mom, but effective. I now help clients move BEYOND their thoughts, fears, environments, limitations – but, sans dead people. :o) To learn more, visit


Lynn DelGaudio


I’ll admit it: I do it every now and then. We all do. We all procrastinate. In various ways, and in varying degrees. No big deal, right?


Left unmanaged, procrastination is a HUGE problem! For individuals, procrastination can lead to mental health problems, career dissatisfaction, other issues.

For businesses, it’s been referred to as ‘the silent killer’. Per one study, the average employee procrastinates 2+ hours/day. Financially, that translates to ~$11,000 per employee – per DAY – conservatively.

Reasons for avoidance are numerous, but in my opinion, it’s all about our minds, our mindstyle.

The 5 Ps my clients employ for addressing procrastination are:

  1. Pause – The moment you realize you’re beginning to procrastinate, stop. Take a few slow breaths.
  2. Pinpoint – Now that you’ve identified the procrastination, ask yourself WHY? Try to pinpoint the trigger, negative thoughts; the reason behind the avoidance.
  3. Pivot – Shift your thinking about the task you are avoiding.
  4. Prioritize – Perhaps it’s best to delegate the item, or jump to a more time-sensitive task.
  5. Perfect and proceed – Practice the art of becoming aware and controlling these patterns.

WE hold, in our MINDS, control over procrastination – over our behaviors.

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Do you experience stress in your life? Of course, you do. The real question is how much and how often? How does stress impact your life and what do you do to combat?

Some level of stress is positive, even healing; however, chronic stress is not only unhealthy, it is downright dangerous. Unfortunately, research shows that roughly 70% of us live in a chronic state of stress. WOW!!! We are a stressed-out nation.  So stressed out, in fact that stress is now considered to be a national epidemic, especially with young adults between the age of 25 and 35.

So, what has us SO stressed out?! The usual suspects of course, such as work, health, finances, etc. But also, in recent history, we’ve been bombarded with breaking news alerts that trigger our primal fears of safety and survival. It seems that every week there is another mass shooting, terror attack or natural disaster. In addition to our emotional stress though, we all encounter physical and environmental stress in our lives. And one other, less obvious source of stress is our thinking, as negative, toxic thinking is linked to illness and disease.

Just how stressed are we?  Following are just a few statistics in the United States of Stress 2019 Report:

  • roughly one third surveyed report seeing a doctor for something stress related;
  • 57% report being paralyzed by stress;
  • 51% of females report not seeing their friends at all in an average week;
  • 59% of baby boomers have never been diagnosed with a mental health issue, while 52% of GenXs have received such diagnosis;
  • Over one third surveyed report work is a regular source of stress; 44% among GenXers;
  • 52% report financial stress; and
  • 47% take it out on themselves (especially females).

Stress costs individuals and businesses billions! For individuals, stress can manifest as loss of sleep, increased anxiety, digestive disorders, weight gain or loss, depressed immune system, irritability, fatigue, brain fog, poor satisfaction, lack of motivation, poor/decreased job performance and a host of other symptoms. For businesses, this translates to lower employee productivity and satisfaction, higher sick days and absenteeism, and decreased profits. Per Lance Secretan, employee dissatisfaction plummeted from 1997-2009 from 45% to 61% and is now about 80%!!! Much of this, in my opinion, is due to stress.

Fortunately, there are MANY effective ways to manage and decrease stress in our lives – IF ONLY we commit to incorporating them in our lives!! Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Meditation, breathing
  • Yoga, exercise
  • Tapping
  • Mental hygiene
  • Plant adaptogens, CBD, diet

While some amount of stress in our lives is unavoidable, the negative impacts of stress are most definitely avoidable, manageable.

Sometimes, we just need a hand, a guide on the side, to help us get going, stay motivated to continue the practice, and implement strategies for lasting change. Most of my clients report an overwhelming amount of stress. Do you?

I can help. Please contact me for a free discovery session.

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After months of being dissatisfied with my career, stressed to the point of being ill, there was a drastic enough (positive, sustained) change in me that my boss pulled me aside, seeking an explanation — was I looking for a new job? “No, why?” “You just seem so happy.” “I am.” “Even with all the changes David’s making?” “My happiness isn’t conditional upon the strategic decisions the CEO makes.” Hearing myself state those words felt akin to a victory. The job hadn’t changed at all. The things that drove me crazy three months earlier (the looming merger, unrealistic deadlines, a coworker taking credit for my ideas) existed just as they had previously. Yet suddenly, I was loving my job – without any stress! It was as if I took a love pill: my reality had not changed one bit, but my response to reality did. As a result, I was more productive, more engaged, and more satisfied in the same role I always had. The love pill, it seemed, was nothing more than changing the story I was telling myself about those circumstances, focusing on the positive aspects of both my role, and of me in it. Changing the story changed everything. To learn more about this approach, please visit my profile.

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