I was naively hopeful, when this ‘pandemic’ hit, that this time, THIS time, people would unite. This time,
we would surely come together, because THIS time is different! If ever in our world’s history there’s
been a time for unity, it’s NOW. So, clearly, we will now unite!

Yet, I see people being divided, creating further division, reacting w/cruelty and spiteful threats if
someone’s view on what’s happening differs from their own, viciously spewing foul language if someone
is, or isn’t, wearing a mask.

Dream with me – just for a moment – that one future day we wake to the news that it was all an awful
mistake – not at all what it seemed; nor what was portrayed. Actual adjusted mortality rates were found
quite low, emergency pandemic label no longer appropriate, and, the vaccine – well, just, not necessary.
How, in this dream, would we respond to the news? And, reflecting on current behavior, would we be
proud, in that future moment, about how we are reacting today, toward each other? ourselves?

Daydream aside, my naïve dream remains: a collective being, deliberately in higher frequencies of love
& kindness, not fear.

Won’t you come dream with me please?


During Coronavirus, Use Deliberate Healthy Thinking as Change Agent

Rather than experiencing thoughts as byproducts, we can use deliberate healthy thinking as an active agent for change.

Quantum physics acknowledges consciousness’ role in the creation of our life experiences; that through our minds, we create reality.

Thoughts can’t change external reality – they’re in our heads, right?

Not exactly.

Unlike electroencephalographs that read brain function w/wires attached to the head, the probe used in magnetoencephalographs do NOT touch the head, so, internal brain activity is measured outside the head.


Thoughts aren’t confined to our heads – they are broadcast out to the world. And, the more individuals share a thought, the more power the vibration of that thought/belief has. That amplification from the individual to collective – determines how the world evolves.

Satellites recording earth’s electromagnetic field demonstrate how the earths field changes from ‘normal’ to united calmness, where people are collectively, actively involved in a similar thought process or belief (Example; day after 9/11).

Our planet is experiencing upheaval, chaos, fear. Our future: unknown.

To ensure the thriving future reality we desire, we must, individually & collectively, attune our thinking – away from fear, toward health/harmony.

I get to witness the change daily in my work. By attuning and refining their thinking, and practicing deliberate, intentional thinking, my clients experience transformation, increased confidence, productivity, creativity and happiness.

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With all the focus in the media on COVID 19 and the Coronavirus: the global and national
number of cases, recoveries and death, as well as the devastating financial impact, lock downs,
social distancing, etc. fear and uncertainty certainly abound, and there seems little of anything
positive to take away. But there is much, much more to glean from this virus.

This is how I see COVID 19:

C=Choice. The world as we’ve known it (how we socialize, work, play, live life) has quickly
changed & the future is unknown. But WE get to choose how we will respond. Will we select the
familiar state of fear, and react out of that mindset? Or will we consciously choose to stay
focused on the positive, and respond with a new vision of the future, EVEN IF we are unsure
about it, because it doesn’t exist quite yet? The choice is ours and we must choose wisely: the
choices we make today, individual & collective, will mold & define our future reality.

O=Opportunity. This is an opportunity to look within, reassess our current state, expand our
spiritual capacities, begin a meditation practice, improve our lifestyle & mindstyle. We may
expose, for example, that we are very different creatures working from home vs in a formal
workspace. We may become very lax. If your commute used to be one hour, and it is now 38
seconds, from the bedroom to the bathroom, are you using the extra time to move your body or
get a little extra rest, or spend some quality time with a loved one? This can be an opportunity to
make small shifts (or large moves) toward better health habits, mental hygiene, home projects,

V=Vulnerability. This virus will expose vulnerabilities – individual, organizational, national,
global, logistically, socially, etc. This will present challenges, and, opportunities to make
necessary shifts. We may recognize the vulnerability of reliance of so many resources around the
world. And while some things will remain global (e.g. digital communications), will some of
these vulnerabilities make us move to a more localized world? More localized living? More
localized sources of energy, food, medications? A more localized economy?

I=Immunity. There's NO greater virus than FEAR. And, fear is SO contagious! Media
understands this very well. However, when we remain calm during chaos, stable during
instability & practice higher quality thinking & vibrations, we become immunized to the fear.
FEAR is dangerous – far more dangerous than the thing we fear. Further, fear creates stress in

the body, which suppresses the immune system. Improving our immunity involves eating
nutrient dense foods, getting plenty of zinc, selenium, vitamin C, A, D, and lots of water, as pure
as possible. It also includes going out into nature, exercising, staying connected, meditating, and
connecting with people who lift us up, give us hope, love and laughter, and staying in
appreciation and out of fear.

D=Discovery. What an amazing time for discovery – about ourselves, others, our world, new
products, businesses, (oh…& what emerges from spring cleaning during lockdown!) Being in
lock down when we’re not at all used to being in our homes all day every day can be highly
stressful for many. If we take this time to reflect and go inward, we can experience some
revelations. Also, some may find that when the stakes are high (as they are for many now), we
tend to focus in and take action to create new opportunities for ourselves and our businesses.

19. In numerology, 19 (=1) is a powerful #; referring to a renewal of primal energies that inform
our lives, and representing humanitarianism, tolerance, exploration, self-sufficiency.

I guess, the bottom line here is: Stay CALM and try to take away something positive each day. I
could have easily used different words (e.g., Calm or Change, Open or Overcome, Virus or
Village, Inspire or Inform, Decide or Define, etc.), but I think my take away would be the same:
this situation we’re in doesn’t define us. Our circumstances are just that; they do not dictate our
future, but we do, by the choices we are making right now.

There is a lot of fear and confusion out there, but we do not need to respond in kind with our own
fear and confusion. We can make good choices, and, remain happy, even in challenging times.
Sometimes, it seems difficult, but it’s not – we just need someone to give us the tools.

If you need someone to provide you with a roadmap or survival guide for the COVID 19 lock
down, please contact me at I can help. And, because so many are
financially strapped at the moment, I am offering very flexible payment options (go to for more information).


Managing your stress is THE most important thing you can do during this pandemic.
Even BEFORE the threat of Coronavirus, stress was already at epidemic levels. Per the United States of
Stress 2019 Report:

  • 1/3 rd report seeing a doctor for stress-related issues;
  • 57% report being paralyzed by stress;
  • 51% of females don’t see their friends at all in an average week;
  • 1/3 rd report work is a regular source of stress;
  • 52% report financial stress;
  • 47% take it out on themselves (especially females).

Enter, the Coronavirus: Confusing news messages. Collapsing markets. Shutdowns. Layoffs. Deaths.
Social distancing. Global panic.
Result: Dangerously elevated & chronic stress, anxiety, poor sleep, confusion, depressed immunity, and
increased risk for illness/disease.
Unchecked, stress can manifest as depression, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, weight gain or
loss, depressed immune system, irritability, fatigue, brain fog, poor satisfaction, low productivity, lack of
motivation, poor/decreased job performance, increased risk for heart disease, asthma, diabetes, stroke, and
a host of other conditions.
Fortunately, there are many ways to effectively decrease and manage stress in our lives. Here are 5 things
you can do to reduce stress NOW:
 BREATHE! Inhale 4 long counts through the nose, hold for 3, exhale for 5 or 6 through the
mouth. Close your eyes – that sends a signal to the brain that you’re safe.
 MEDITATE! If you think you only have 5 minutes, take 20!!! This calms the CNS, reduces BP
and builds resiliency.
 REDUCE TOXIC THINKING! Toxic thinking creates a stress response in the body! My book,
Altered on Impact provides numerous strategies for this!
 EAT WELL! To boost immunity and reduce stress, eat MORE nutrient-dense foods & LESS
sugar, processed foods, alcohol.
 CONNECT WITH OTHERS! It’s is critical that we not allow social distancing to equate to or
result in isolation, alienation and depression. Get on Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, GotoWebinar, etc.

If you are feeling stuck in the stress of fear/anxiety, I can help!


During the Coronavirus era and beyond, creating and maintaining a strong immune system is key to
staying healthy. Here are five simple things you can do to improve yours:
Stress reduction I can’t stress enough how important this is!!! Stress is already at epidemic levels, and the FEAR
associated with the virus, the market’s reaction, etc., can exponentially increase already high stress levels,
which is dangerous. Did you know that upwards of 90% of all illness is attributed to stress? Stress is the
perception of threat; emotional, physical, financial, etc. When stress is recognized, the immune system
shuts down in order to conserve energy and defend against that threat. Hormones such as cortisol and
adrenaline are elevated, and inflammation occurs. And, when we are in a chronic state of stress – and
science suggest 60% to 70% of us are – the brain can downregulate genes that trigger disease. Further,
uncontrolled stress can lead to panic. The good news is you are in control. Some great ways to reduce
stress include meditation, yoga, deep breathing, exercises, and the tips that follow in this blog. Do what
works for you to reduce your stress.

Proper nutrition Incorporate as many nutrient dense foods as much as possible. Even if you don’t ditch the junk entirely, you will benefit from adding in as many nutritious foods as possible. Organic is always preferable. Did you know that you’d need to consume about four times the amount of non-organic food to get the same nutrients as in organic? Also, because 80% of your immune system resides in the gut, a healthy gut microbiome is critical. Be sure to incorporate foods such as citrus fruits, berries, kiwi, dark chocolate,
sweet potatoes, red bell peppers, spinach, broccoli, ginger, garlic, oily fish, shellfish. Consume less –
FAR LESS – processed foods, sugar, alcohol and dairy.

Ample rest Getting enough sleep can be a challenge in an increasingly busy and uncertain world.
Lack of sleep can make us less productive, more stressed, less alert, impact our mood, increase stress and inflammation.
Sleep deprivation can also increase your risk of getting sick and affect your recovery time. During sleep,
certain proteins (cytokines) necessary to fight inflammation and infection are released. Lack of sleep
results in decreased production of these protective cytokines. For even better sleep, try to stick to a
pattern, keep TV out of the bedroom, don’t eat for at least two hours prior to bedtime, minimize TV and
social media well in advance of dozing off and try to set a positive intention while falling asleep.
Connection Studies have shown that a lack of connection is a greater threat than obesity and high blood pressure and can trigger stroke and heart disease. Conversely, those with good social connections benefit from stronger gene expression for immunity, increased longevity and speedier recovery time from illness. In the Coronavirus era, many of us are forced to work remotely, which can bring a bundle of new stressors, and possibly a feeling of loneliness depending on one’s circumstances, especially if not used to this type of work situation. It’s important to employ strategies to maintain social connection, and not allow social distancing the create alienation and isolation. Stay in touch with friends, colleagues and family.

Talk on the phone, rather than texting. Use Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc. to have face to face interactions.Take a walk Get out in nature! We’ve become a bit disconnected with nature, haven’t we? It’s estimated that
Americans currently spend ~90% of their time indoors. Connecting with nature boosts your emotions and
your immune system. Just the sights and sounds alone put your central nervous system into a more
relaxed state. One study showed that patients recovering from surgery who had a view of nature
recovered faster and with less medication than those with a view of a brick wall. Increased exposure to
plants means increased exposure to phytoncides, which prompts the immune system to produce certain
protective white blood cells that help fight against many a health condition. If you are working remotely,
take an hour to make calls and take a walk! Work on your porch! Eat lunch outside. Can’t get out? Make
sure you frequently look out the window at the trees for a few minutes.

I offer my clients strategies for these – and other – pillars for boosting immunity and creating a healthy
life- and mindstyle.

Note: The Coronavirus is changing the way we work and behave. Working remotely is now becoming
increasingly popular and necessary during this outbreak. Accordingly, I am adapting my services to
accommodate this transition. Please contact me to learn about my online speaking services.

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