Better Signaling = Better Culture = Better Health & Profits

January 13, 2020 by lynnalgadio0

As a coach, I’m aware that, in human beings, poor thinking=poor internal signaling=poor health. Negative thinking creates certain chemical reactions in the body, and a corresponding feeling. A message is then sent back to the brain, which senses tension in the body, and responds with more stress chemicals. Redundant negative signaling is dangerous: it can threaten our overall health and internal culture. But what of the signaling in an organization? If I look back over the landscape of my corporate career, I can see how the same principles apply. Those business that had poor signaling (fear-based motivation) from the brain (C-level) to the body (employee base) seemed to receive unhealthy messaging (disengagement, misalignment w/mission, absenteeism…) back to the brain, which resulted in poorer health (poor profits, poor reputation). But those that employed good signaling (inspired creativity) from the C-Level to Employees received far healthier messaging (engagement, alignment w/mission, retention…) back to the brain, creating a feedback system that constantly promoted healthy culture and $$. Bottom line: better signaling=better culture=better health & profits. To learn more visit @lynndelgaudio

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