Are you using your mind? Or is your mind using you?

January 13, 2020 by lynnalgadio0

Negative thoughts can derail us by 9am! When we wake each day thinking “I don’t want to go to work” then check social media, comparing others’ posts and lives to our own (“another vacation Tina, really!? Ugh…”)’, turn on the TV to see the latest breaking news tragedy (“this world is scary!”), stock market volatility (“Gosh! I’m losing all my $$!), then go out into morning rush traffic, fuming, as someone cuts us off while texting (“expletive!”)—is it any surprise that, when we get to our jobs, we’re already annoyed and think ‘I hate my job; my coworkers too.’? It’s our thinking – and our response to it, not any individual stimulus from the world, that is going to decide the effectiveness of our days and our lives. We need, then, to control the stimulus; the triggers. Why watch the TV if it’s upsetting? Listen to a podcast instead. Knowing traffic will give you angst, take some long deep breaths first, or go a different route! USE YOUR MIND, don’t let your mind use you. Catch your negative thoughts as – or before – they arise. Stop, breathe, redirect your thinking to something positive. To learn more, visit @lynndelgaudio

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