Actions will generate, or expend energy

January 13, 2020 by lynnalgadio0

Stress was worn like a badge of honor at the large accounting firm where I worked years ago. For us worker bees, the more stress we endured, the greater superhero we were. In this culture, a 40-hour work week was unheard of (and truly shameful). We typically worked 70 hours/week; sometimes 80-100. Over time, this pattern completely depleted me of energy to the point of concern. I began considering my own energy story in terms of an income statement. Instead of NOI (Net Operating Income), what was my NOE, Net Operating Energy? What daily thoughts/behaviors/aspects (hugging spouse, eating healthy, creative workplace, etc.) generated positive energy (‘income’) and which poor (diet, overexertion, deadline stress, etc.) expended energy (‘expenses’). Subtracting my expenses from income produced negative returns. If I were considering an investment based on this NOE statement — I wouldn’t invest! A positive energy balance is essential to good health, mindset and consistently high work productivity/quality. How long can this pattern of negative energy returns continue before illness, burnout or career failure? What does your NOE Statement look like? For more about how I approach my work, visit @lynndelgaudio

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