Who is LD Consulting?

Meet Lynn Delgaudio

Lynn is a recovering corporate professional, and an avid sports fan. Among her favorite teams - well, they expand into all areas: from the NFL (Raiders) to college hoops (UCONN and UNC), to college football (Wisconsin!) She left the corporate world to dedicate herself to helping others achieve greater satisfaction and fulfillment.  Lynn fully understands the demands and stress of the workplace. She also understands the REAL danger and threat of stress on not only performance, but mind and body; overall health.

After a brain injury in 2014, I intuitively developed simple yet profoundly effective strategies for healing, that not only helped me achieve amazing healing, but that also served to transform my life. Once I realized that these strategies were actually backed by neuroscience, I became obsessed with learning more.

As it turns out, those strategies that I employed for healing are the exact same strategies for making transformative strides in the workplace. I knew I could use my experience to serve others. Fast forward to after a few curriculums and certifications and the publication of my book (Altered on Impact), I am a Speaker, Author and Integrative Health Coach serving individuals and professionals. I help these professionals get the best out of themselves and their careers by giving them the tools they need for achieving their goals with lasting, sustainable impact.

Value I bring to my clients

I provide my coaching clients with a clear roadmap to achieving their goals – no matter what the goal. And not only reaching that goal, but achieving sustainable change! This is what most programs out there completely miss! In my speaking and workshop events, I provide though provoking discussion, education, inspiration and practical challenges/exercises. Finally, in my online program, I present people suffering from chronic stress, pain and autoimmune disease a clear, specific plan for achieving – and sustaining – radiant health.


Clients may choose to enroll in my 12-week one on one online course, aimed to help those suffering from autoimmune or other chronic issues to return to vibrant radiant health. Clients may also enroll in a three- or six-month one on one coaching program for any other lifestyle (e.g., healthier habits, physical activity, etc.) or mindstyle goals (debunking negative patterns to achieve greater satisfaction, productivity, problem solving, etc

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