April 2

Tips for decreasing stress


Managing your stress is THE most important thing you can do during this pandemic.
Even BEFORE the threat of Coronavirus, stress was already at epidemic levels. Per the United States of
Stress 2019 Report:

  • 1/3 rd report seeing a doctor for stress-related issues;
  • 57% report being paralyzed by stress;
  • 51% of females don’t see their friends at all in an average week;
  • 1/3 rd report work is a regular source of stress;
  • 52% report financial stress;
  • 47% take it out on themselves (especially females).

Enter, the Coronavirus: Confusing news messages. Collapsing markets. Shutdowns. Layoffs. Deaths.
Social distancing. Global panic.
Result: Dangerously elevated & chronic stress, anxiety, poor sleep, confusion, depressed immunity, and
increased risk for illness/disease.
Unchecked, stress can manifest as depression, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, weight gain or
loss, depressed immune system, irritability, fatigue, brain fog, poor satisfaction, low productivity, lack of
motivation, poor/decreased job performance, increased risk for heart disease, asthma, diabetes, stroke, and
a host of other conditions.
Fortunately, there are many ways to effectively decrease and manage stress in our lives. Here are 5 things
you can do to reduce stress NOW:
 BREATHE! Inhale 4 long counts through the nose, hold for 3, exhale for 5 or 6 through the
mouth. Close your eyes – that sends a signal to the brain that you’re safe.
 MEDITATE! If you think you only have 5 minutes, take 20!!! This calms the CNS, reduces BP
and builds resiliency.
 REDUCE TOXIC THINKING! Toxic thinking creates a stress response in the body! My book,
Altered on Impact provides numerous strategies for this!
 EAT WELL! To boost immunity and reduce stress, eat MORE nutrient-dense foods & LESS
sugar, processed foods, alcohol.
 CONNECT WITH OTHERS! It’s is critical that we not allow social distancing to equate to or
result in isolation, alienation and depression. Get on Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, GotoWebinar, etc.

If you are feeling stuck in the stress of fear/anxiety, I can help!


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