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Whether you’re an entrepreneur feeling stuck, a busy professional who wants balance or a more creative and fulfilling experience, or an employer who wishes the same for your team, I have the tools to get you back on track, and the strategies for lasting, sustainable change.

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My approach is based on having simple goals. I want to: Inspire, Inform, Implement and Impact. My holistic approach is focused a great deal on stress and habit change. Stress really starts in the mind. My clients learn how to increase awareness of thoughts and patterns that are un-serving and replace them with new thoughts and patterns. The tools & strategies I offer are incredibly simple, yet extraordinarily powerful. My clients feel energized knowing they are equipped with a road map, a sound plan moving forward in a meaningful, positive and lasting manner.

Altered on Impact


How a Traumatic Brain Injury Taught Me to Lead a Purposeful Life

ALTERED ON IMPACT is my true life account of my  experience healing from a traumatic brain injury. Through my journey, I discovered that I would need to completely redesign my mind or lose everything. My goal through sharing my story is to not only inspire,  but share how you can also use my tactics to create your own path to more resilience, courage and persistence. I share specific exercises and step-by-step instructions to help you enact your own mind redesign. This book is for you if you are looking for inspiration to change your thinking, you’ve suffered some sort of injury or set back, or you simply want to create abundance and opportunity, and live a more purposeful life.



  • Powerful, life-changing tools that will provide lasting changes to your life and business.
  • Connection with your inner self to help you achieve your fullest potential.

Identify your goals

Let's create a clear roadmap to achieve your desired goals.

Conquer your mind

Learn how to view your perceived weakness as renewed strength.

Life & work balance

Learn how to achieve a work life balance that allows you to live fully.

Managing stress

Learn tactics to help you stay mindful, calm, and anchored.

What You Can Expect

I provide my coaching clients with a clear roadmap to achieving their goals – no matter what the goal. And not only reaching that goal but achieving sustainable change! This is what most programs out there completely miss! In my speaking and workshop events, through my talks, workshops and coaching sessions, I provide thought provoking discussion, education, inspiration and practical challenges and exercises. Finally, in my new online program, I coach people suffering from chronic stress, pain and autoimmune disease, and provide a clear, specific plan for achieving – and sustaining – radiant health.

What Clients Say

I am pleased to say that I have just completed my first coaching program with Lynn. No words can express my gratitude. Lynn is very intuitive and revealed strengths that I was not utilizing.I now feel that I can move ..


I have learned much from Lynn, both in person and through her writing and videos. I have always known that mindfulness practices have a profoundly transformative effect, but Lynn takes it one step further by helping individuals find their own ..


why LD consulting

The simple yet powerful tools I offer will provide lasting positive changes in your career, your bottom line, your health, your life experience. I know, because I’ve lived the experience, as have my clients (see testimonials below). My passion amd the purpose is to help others connect with their own power and achieve their fullest potential. Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success based on your specific goals.

Meet Lynn Delgaudio

Integrative Health & Mindstyle Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author

I believe in the brilliant ability of the mind to catapult us into amazing places in our lives. After a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, I learned firsthand the power and importance of a deliberate mindstyle, and how the quality of my thinking was vital not only to the quality of my healing, but also the success in my career, and life experience in general. In other words, the same tools I used to heal are exactly the same tools needed to achieve greater productivity, creativity, satisfaction and far less stress.

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